Frequently Asked Questions

1. My rewards code is not being accepted.

2. What is the security code?

3. The website keeps giving me a new security word to enter.

4. The website gives an error message stating my code was already entered.

5. The website gives an error message stating my code has expired.

6. I cannot find my rewards code.

7. There are no participating theaters listed for me to choose from when I try to activate my code.

8. The website will not accept my name.

9. The website asks me to enter my email address but I have already entered it in both boxes.

10. I am unable to print my Hollywood Concession Money certificate.

11. I printed the certificates in my own name. Can I give one to a friend to use?

12. I am redeeming a Hollywood Concession Money for my child. Should I register the certificate in my name or my child's name?

13. I selected a movie theater in my area, so why did the certificate print with an address from Incline Village, NV?

14. Is there a way to switch to a different movie theater than the one I selected?

15. I do not have a color printer. Will the theater accept a certificate printed in black and white?

16. How do I use my Hollywood Concession Money certificate?

17. Which theaters accept Hollywood Concession Money certificates?

18. The concession price is more than the value of my certificate. Will they still accept my certificate?

19. If the total purchase price of my concession(s) is less than the value of my certificate do I receive change?

20. What can I do if I lose my Hollywood Concession Money certificate or need to reprint it?

21. Can I make copies of my certificate?

22. I have a question or complaint about a movie theater.

23. My certificate has expired. Can it be replaced?

24. I received an expired ticket in a product I purchased. What do I do?

25. I have a question not listed above.
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