Frequently Asked Questions - Visa® Rewards Virtual Account

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  1. You can use this Virtual Account for online shopping wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. This is exclusively an online Virtual Account and cannot be used to make purchases in physical stores. Account is limited to only ecommerce or mail/telephone order.

  2. You can view your purchases at any time throughout the offer period by logging into your account and viewing your reward.

  3. Yes. The expiration date was supplied at the time you received your Virtual Account number. Any balance remaining on the Virtual Account after expiration will not be usable or refundable.

  4. No. This Virtual Account is non-reloadable and cannot be combined with multiple rewards.

  5. There are no fees associated with your Virtual Account; however you can only use your account for purchases before the valid through date. Any remaining balance after the valid through date will be forfeited. For additional information, please refer to the terms in your accountholder agreement.

  6. You will receive a confirmation email which includes a link to your Virtual Account. Please note, if you are having a difficult time finding your confirmation email, it may have been directed to your junk mail or spam folders. You should check these folders as well.

  7. The 3-digit security code is the Virtual Account Verification Value (or CVV2), which is a code required by some online transactions. This code should have been provided to you along with your Virtual Account number.

  8. Please make sure that the online merchant accepts Visa debit cards. If they accept Visa debit cards and your Virtual Account has been denied please try again and ensure that all the information that you are entering is correct (i.e. Virtual Account number, expiration date, security code and personal information such as zip code). Verify that you have enough available balance on your Virtual Account to cover your purchases. If your Virtual Account is still being declined please contact Customer Support.

  9. The majority of online merchants do not have the capability to run two forms of payment for one purchase. In this case you must have a Virtual Account balance equal to or greater than the total purchase amount.

  10. Transactions made through fraudulent or unauthorized use cannot be refunded. Please make sure that you keep your Virtual Account details in a secure location.

  11. You are able to receive a return(s) or credit(s) to your virtual account before the valid through date. Any return(s) or credit(s) made to your account after the valid through date will be forfeited.