Frequently Asked Questions - eGift Card

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  1. Please contact the customer service department of the specific retailer directly.

  2. You will receive an email that contains a link to access your eGift Card. When you receive this email, click the link to view the eGift Card. You can either print it from your computer or in some cases you can use it directly from your mobile phone with the merchant.

  3. Yes, unless explicitly stated, all eGift Cards work at both store locations and online.

  4. If you have lost your eGift Card, and the value still remains on it, please contact support via our Contact Us link below and we will reissue the eGift Card. If the eGift Card no longer contains value, and you feel that this was fraudulent in nature, an investigation will be conducted. Resolution may require that the customer sign an affidavit with a notary public relative to the missing product. To begin an investigation into such an issue, please Contact Us.

  5. Yes, simply have the eGift Card sent directly to the recipient’s email at the time of activation or you can forward the eGift Card to them after you send it to yourself. Additionally, you can print the eGift Card and hand it to the recipient.

  6. Most national merchants do not have an expiration date for their eGift Card programs. However, each merchant may have different terms and conditions. Please review those terms prior to your selection.