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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. On the website where you are asked to enter the security code there should be an image with five letters - this is the security code that we use to prevent fraud. Please simply type in the letters you see in the image.
  2. Please check the error message at the top of the page for details of what error has occurred. If the error message states that the security code you entered was incorrect, please try a new security code and enter just the letters you see in the image.
  3. If your receipt is too long to fit into one image, please fold the receipt to show participating products and the header with store name, purchase date, etc. and then take a picture of the receipt and upload the image on the specified site.
  4. Please note, the following image upload requirements: image must be under 5MB and in the format of PNG, GIF or JPG. If you have further difficulties uploading your receipt, please try to clear browser cache and cookies and upload again. If this persists we also recommend trying a different device. Please contact Customer Service if you require further assistance.
  5. The movie theaters are trained to check for photo identification, which is why the activation website instructs you to enter the information of the person who will be using the movie certificate. You are welcome to give your certificate to a friend to use at a participating theater, but it is ultimately at the theater's discretion whether or not they will accept the certificate in someone else's name. If you go as a group you should not have any trouble using the certificates, as long as the person whose name is on the certificate(s) is present at the theater.
  6. The movie theaters are trained to check for photo identification, so it is best to register the certificate in the name of the adult who would be presenting the certificate at the movie theater.
  7. The address appearing on the certificate is the address for Fandango and it is not related to the theater you selected. The address is for theater use only, and will be used when the theater processes your certificate for payment.
  8. Yes. You can visit our theater locator site and enter in your zip code and the specific locator code appearing on your certificate, and this will give you a list of all the theaters that will accept your movie certificate. You are welcome to attend any theater listed under that specific locator code.
  9. Please take your certificate to a participating theater's box office. Present your certificate to the cashier as payment for your movie ticket and have an ID as the cashier may ask for it. If you have multiple certificates, these may be used for the same movie showing as long as the person whose name is indicated on each certificate is present.
  10. Please visit our theater locator site for a list of participating theaters and show times in your area. You will need to enter your zip code and the specific locator code appearing on your certificate.
  11. The certificates are not valid to use to buy tickets online. The certificates are only valid at a participating theater's box office. If the movie theater is willing to sell tickets in advance then you may use your certificate to do so. However this can only be done in-person at the movie theater box office.
  12. Yes, but you are responsible to pay the difference between the certificate value and the theater's admission price using cash or a credit card.
  13. No. No credit or change will be given for any unused portion of a certificate. Your certificate is only valid according to the restrictions stated on the certificate.
  14. Fandango sends you a confirmation email, which includes a link to print your certificate. Please note, if you are having a difficult time finding your confirmation email, it may have been directed to your junk mail or spam folders. You should check these folders as well. Lost or misplaced certificates will not be replaced or refunded.
  15. No mechanically reproduced, forged, or altered certificates will be accepted. Fraudulent submission could result in federal prosecution under fraud statutes.
  16. Fandango operates independently from the theaters. If you have questions regarding topics such as available theater amenities, ticket category age policies, or when a particular movie will be coming to your location, you should contact your local theater directly.
  17. The certificates are limited time offers which coincide with the release of specific movies or promotions. Unfortunately, we are not authorized to exchange, replace, renew, or refund any expired certificates once the promotion has ended or the specific movie is no longer in theaters.
  18. Please note, your certificate is only valid through the expiration date listed or until the specific movie is no longer in theaters (whichever comes first). If the specific movie listed on your certificate is no longer playing at any participating theaters in your area, your certificate cannot be replaced.
  19. Please contact Customer Service for further assistance. Be sure to mention what promotion you participated in, and any details of what you need assistance with.

    Our Customer Service is available Monday through Friday (excluding holidays). All emails will be responded to within 2 business days, in the order they were received.
Registration and Receipt Submission Period Ends
  • 12 / 01 / 2017 11:59 pm CST