Tips for using your prepaid card

General Use:

  • Always select CREDIT (even though the card says debit) when purchasing goods or services.
  • This card does not have a PIN and cannot be used to obtain cash at an ATM.
  • Your card must be used before the expiration date printed on the card. Any remaining balance on the card after card expiration is forfeited.

Purchase Amount is Greater than Your Card Balance:

  • Ask the merchant if they can accept two forms of payment (known as a split tender transaction).
  • Have the merchant enter the EXACT value of your card as CREDIT, then the swipe the card.  Use another form of payment for the remaining balance.
  • Note that this process - a split tender transaction - may not be supported by all merchants.
  • Merchants do not know your card balance and you must advise them how much to authorize on your card if your purchase amount is greater than your current card balance. Purchases greater than your card balance will be declined. To check your card balance go to or call the number on the back of your card.

Using Your Card at Restaurants and Other Merchants

  • A restaurant merchant allows for a possible tip amount of 20% when a card authorization is requested. In order to use your card you will need to have a available card balance 20% higher than your bill total. This means if your bill is $15.00, you will need a card balance $18.00 or greater for authorization. This same rule also applies to hotels, car rental agencies, cruise lines, and mail orders.

    If you use this card at a gas station, you must always take the card to the station attendant and disclose the exact amount to be purchased-$15 at pump Number 1. This card will not work at pay-at-the-pump devices because of pre-authorization and security requirements.

Returns and Refunds:

  • If you return merchandise and/or receive a credit on your card it can take three to five business days for the funds to appear on your available card balance.

Customer Service Inquiry: